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Flights From Toronto To New York

flights from toronto to new york

    new york
  • a Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies

  • the largest city in New York State and in the United States; located in southeastern New York at the mouth of the Hudson river; a major financial and cultural center

  • A state in the northeastern US, on the Canadian border and Lake Ontario in the northwest, as well as on the Atlantic coast in the southeast; pop. 18,976,457; capital, Albany; statehood, July 26, 1788 (11). Originally settled by the Dutch, it was surrendered to the British in 1664. New York was one of the original thirteen states

  • A major city and port in southeastern New York, situated on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Hudson River; pop. 7,322,564. It is situated mainly on islands, linked by bridges, and consists of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Manhattan is the economic and cultural heart of the city, containing the stock exchange on Wall Street and the headquarters of the United Nations

  • one of the British colonies that formed the United States

  • (in soccer, cricket, etc.) Deliver (a ball) with well-judged trajectory and pace

  • (flight) an instance of traveling by air; "flying was still an exciting adventure for him"

  • Shoot (wildfowl) in flight

  • (flight) shoot a bird in flight

  • (flight) fly in a flock; "flighting wild geese"

  • Toronto is a town within the city of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales, Australia, approximately from Newcastle's central business district and is a commercial hub for the sprawling suburbs on the western shore of the lake.

  • the provincial capital and largest city in Ontario (and the largest city in Canada)

  • A city in Canada, capital of Ontario, on the northern shore of Lake Ontario; pop. 635,395

  • Toronto was a Canadian rock band active during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was formed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by guitarist Brian Allen and American-born singer Holly Woods.

250 "The Darkness Will End, The Dawn Will Shine"

250 "The Darkness Will End, The Dawn Will Shine"

250/365 "I'll Be By Your Side" Sally Shapiro

Holiday: 1/15

Where to begin....Well, we have been awake now for just over 36 hours and it's only 2pm here so at least another 7 hours before we can get some kip. I'll will write a over view of the events to date...

Everything started well, woke up on time and were packed and ready ahead of schedule so we walked down to the train station only to miss the earlier train by 2 minutes :( We then caught the bus from Cardiff and aboard the driver said about the tube strikes....what tube strikes!! Turns out most of the tines were closed. We had planned on getting to the airport around 2.30 on the Picadilly line to Heathrow BUT this was one of the closed lines. So we managed to get the tube to Marylebone, then a bus to Paddington and then finally the Heathrow Express train to the airport costing a whopping ?40 than originally planned. When we boarded the Heathrow Express I realised the drink had leaked inside the bag soaking the laptop etc. Thus not a very good day so far.

Our flight was at 5pm and for international flights you are suppose to arrive 3 hours prior to this, we did not arrive till 3.45 but thankfully we checked in and passed security no problem. Once we boarded we informed we would have a 15-20 minute delay but it was an hour later that he finally hit the skies.

I must say the flight was actually pretty good, the Vegan food I requested (although I'm not actually a Vegan, just a vegetarian) was edible and the in flight entertainment passed the time wonderfully. I started with the film "Date Night" a fantastically funny comedy with the hilarious Steve Carrel. Next was Robin Hood which I was really excited about but was left somewhat unsatisfied, I don't know why, the stunts were amazing and the special effects were great....maybe it was Russell Crowe's dodgy accent! :) I then chose "Bounty Hunter" next as I am a huge Gerald Butler fan and I was pleasantly surprised that this film was rather good and I finished off with the Karate Kid but I'm so gutted I only made it through half because what I saw I really liked, roll on the trip home ;)

So we landed at 8pm (local time) and it was the tedious task of US security. We had to do finger print scans, photos and answer the usual questions, the queues were quite long though :S Finally we caught the metro to bus station only to find out I was suppose to print off tickets at home before. We now had the task of trying to find somewhere to do this. We ventured out of the underground and onto the streets of New York and all I thought was WOW, so big, so amazing, although I was so very tired and hungry and thirsty and fed up, I smiled and felt so excited. Only problem, I had to catch a 10 hour bus to Toronto :( We managed to print off the tickets at Burger King across the road then headed back.

I should perhaps mention that at this time, now past 9pm, and waiting in the queue for the bus I still had not taken a single picture all day. We boarded the bus but it was full and so had to spilt up from Christian and sit behind him :( I sat there a while and thought one day without a picture won't hurt... will it, I had a good reason anyway....but, against everything I was feeling, I grabbed the camera bag from the overhead storage and began taking some shots out of the bus window resulting in the above image.

Wow, that was longer than I expected...I don't think I can be bothered to write in this much detail tomorrow about my day, especially as I can ring home for just 25cent, I'll be on the phone everyday ;)

PS If you think we had bad luck on our travels we had more today! I might discuss it in the next upload....



I visited three major east coast cities over five and a half days this Thanksgiving: Boston, Baltimore and Washington DC. All were nice and interesting, but when everything was said and done, they don't get close to NYC. Why? New York City is just endlessly interestingly. It is unexplorable. It is beautiful and bustling. I never feels dead or deserted. It is a melting pot of different cultures, tastes and people. It has rivers, bridges, tall buildings and impressive skylines, yet it also has great places to live. It is simply the Boss.

That being said, this is only based on first impressions. For instance, Washington was dead because of the holiday. Baltimore had a great downtown (Inner Harbor), but I didn't explore much else. Boston had dreadful weather for most of my time there. However, I doubt my conclusions will change judging by that smile I had on my face when I spotted the NYC skyline from the NJ Turnpike Bridge after the first leg of my trip.

Is NYC my preferred city to live in (that means the NYC area...I don't want to live deep in the city itself)? Still not sure. SF comes close, but I need to go back there again. Chicago edges out Boston in my mind despite the climate. Seattle or Vancouver? Well, I've never been. Toronto? Ditto. However, NYC has direct flights to almost anywhere including Oslo. That may be a tiebreaker...and did I mention it is great for photos.

All this is very interesting given that I totally hated this place after spending 3 months in 2000. People change, but it is also that I picked a great place to live. I can have a car and enjoy peace and quiet and spectacular views, but have the city a 7 minute trainride away.

flights from toronto to new york

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